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As you well know, the Shark Tank Sharks crushed me for not knowing my "customer acquisition cost". While you saw some of my discussion with them, I was actually in the "tank" a LONG time and part of what you did not see was our discussion about marketing. While I believe you can certainly make educated marketing guesses, at the end of the day they are still guesses and you don't really know what works or doesn't work until you've tested it. Thanks to my good friend Brian Seeliger, Nashville TV producer of The Country Vibe, I'm getting the opportunity to explore whether or not TV Infomercial marketing (DRTV) will be a cost-effective way for InkFlip to get new customers.

Before this goes live on TV I would appreciate you looking at, commenting on, and SHARING it (via Facebook, Twitter, email, Blog, etc.) so that I can get a better sense as to its effectiveness.Here it is...

Best - Andy

Andy Sperry
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  1. Andy,

    I just viewed your commercial. I think it looks good. The approach is appealing and informational without being over the top or too aggressive. The music and color choices are a plus and your personal touch as the owner as the keynote speaker in the commercial adds great meri. Adding the "green" as well as the value added component of saving money and time is an additional plus.

    Ask your videographer if he can adjust the screen on the closing of the informercial to move you more to the middle (left of the screen). You are a little to far to the right (your left) on the closing part of the informercial.

    Looks good Andy! Good luck!

  2. That should be adds great merit. My children were talking to me while I posting my comment.I am sure you can relate. Good luck!

  3. Click,flip, and ship is perfect
    Like the music.
    I would think the sound would improve for the final commercial, if not - that's something you should improve - the echo sounds cheap.
    I would really try to do something about the background. It looks washed out. A dark wood-like finished wall would look good as a background.
    Overall, very nice and I love the business idea.

  4. Well done infomercial. Brief, crisp, compelling. "Click, flip, ship" = great, memorable, pithy tagline.

    My guess is that you will have an initial success on your hands with your business if you can get through this early stage. (You should also, of course, leverage a social media / viral marketing campaign.)

    I think the challenge then becomes how do you sustain success once you have proven the concept. Given the thought which your blog postings have demonstrated (which, as you indicate, is inconsistent with the "unprepared" image which was portrayed in your edited video appearance on the Sharks show) I would imagine that you have thought through the current competitive landscape, and how your competitor ecosystem will likely respond once the concept is proven. My guess is that it is unlikely that you would have any IP protection, And it would then become a race as to who can scale/market fastest/best. (In such a case, I would imagine that the "deepest pocket" would win.)

    I wonder if some type of partnership could be struck with NetFlix (or similar) so that you did not have to re-create the whole processing/warehousing infrastructure which would be required to scale.

    (I would imagine that NetFlix was able to win THEIR race because they got to scale-size before the other competitors woke up to realize that NetFlix' model was a serious threat to them. In the post-NetFlix era, I would imagine that competitors may respond more quickly.)

    As another tiny side comment, you may want to adjust the settings on your blog so that the DATES of your blog postings are shown. Only the TIMES are visible to me (not the dates).

    Best wishes...

    (I will likely check out your website and become a customer.)

    Tony Parham

  5. re: "You should also, of course, leverage a social media / viral marketing campaign," here is some info on Developing a social media plan: