Thanks you for all of the emails and blog posts - some good, some not so favorable for me : ) but I believe everyone has the right to express their opinion so I'm not editing them.

Also thank you to SO MANY who are new customers. I'm going to do my best to get all new orders out in the next couple days but would ask for a small bit of grace given the unusual nature of the Shark Tank surge!

I haven't yet had time to get detailed web stats, which I do plan to share. What I can tell you is that it's been in the thousands upon thousands. I've also been fortunate to have several people contact me regarding an investment in InkFlip. I've not yet had any of those conversations in-depth as I'm trying to first serve new customers and answer emails but I'll let everyone know if and when InkFlip has a new investment partner.

For now InkFlip is alive and well thanks to Shark Tank and the incredible Internet buzz it has created thanks to folks like you following my story.

Best - Andy


  1. Congratulations, Andy. This own shows that the pure exposure of the show (or any other national/regional audience) is enough to create a buzz if the produce is worthwhile. Obviously, in your case, it has been, and for that, I say congratulations.

    As a media/marketing professional, I wish you the best in capitalizing on the free publicity that you received. Many businesses out there would die for the opportunity you had, even though you walked away empty-handed from the sharks.

  2. yay! Great to hear! Hopefully with all the new sales, you won't need the investment... as i think it's always tough to give up equity in a company you started single handedly. --don't do it unless it's REALLY worth it!

  3. While I agree with the Shark's decision to not invest (at this time), I think you have a solid business idea.

    More importantly, you probably got $250,000 advertisement out of that appearance. That was several minutes of Prime Time on a national network.

    Also, to be a fair, I could not give you an accurate cost for acquiring a customer for my own business.

  4. Glad to hear that things seem to be working out for you. I think you have a great idea. Hopefully you can find an investor who can bring your business to the next level. Good luck!

  5. I love this idea! We run our own business from our home. With that and the kids school projects, we use a lot of ink.

    We also live in a rural area. There is no such thing as just running out to the store for more ink. So for us this is perfect, but am bummed to see that our Lexmark X4650 is n/l.

    All The Best!

  6. Hi Andy.

    I saw you on Shark Tank and think that although it may have been hard to swallow the Sharks were right in this instance. However with that said, you will probably have that number soon enough as going on the show was better marketing than any grass roots effort or print/tv campaign could have done for you. It would have cost you fortune for a 30 second spot during prime time but you got more than that and had the opportunity to explain to future customers how your business model and product works. What a great opportunity! I would encourage you to also consider getting a seasoned marketing professional on board perhaps part time in the beginning and give them stock options or future interest in the company in exchange for services. That may be one way you can get some solid marketing expertise without a huge investment up front. Good luck! I wish you all the best!

  7. I just watched the show online. I agree, you were asked a question few early stage entrepreneurs know the answer to.

    Your site works well. The only issue I have is with price. It looks like you are comparing your price for a remanufactured cartridge with the store's price for a new OEM cartridge.

    I can get cartridges for my Epson Photo printer at Costco for slightly less than your service, and it is a brand new original cartridge with genuine Epson ink, not a remanufactured cartridge.

    Why wouldn't I just buy my backup ink at Costco the next time I am in the store?

  8. Andy,
    Congrats on the exposure from the show. I've been posting for a day or 2 about applying for The Shark Tank and low and behold another entrepreneur from Nashville shows up on show.

    I think your concept is a very good one. I do think you'll end up with a great starting point from the show to find customers.

    I think the main problem they may have had honestly is this:

    I seriously doubt they are at a point right now where they run to Office Depot/Staples if they run out of ink for their printer at home. Probably doesn't relate to them very well. Netflix probably doesn't relate either.

    I think they dropped the ball on this idea. Sorry for the bad press, but smile and take it like you've done.

    Congrats again.

    I'd LOVE to talk to you about the whole process as I'm getting up the nerve to apply.

    I'll send you a couple of theCRICKETtoy in the mail by the way just for fun. FREE stuff, the benefits of local celebrity status.

    Chirp. Chirp.

    All the best.

    Jeff Anderson
    www.theCRICKETtoy.com for those awkward pauses
    Chirp. Chirp. (crickets chirping)

  9. i didnt really like your product--it is pretty dumb...

  10. Andy,

    Great job on the show, I was surprised that they did not offer you some angel funds to help get you to the next level. I thought you handled the pressure with ease and confidence and did get the respect of the sharks, if not the money.

    Regarding a previous post about getting a new cartridge at Costco. I will use inkflip for the same price or slightly more for the following reasons: membership dues, Costco shopping experience(in California they are always crowded),convenience/time and perhaps the biggest reason for many now, reusing vs. new cartridge.

  11. I agree, I hate going to Costco, thanks for the free shipping!

  12. Andy, I can't tell you how many times I was in your position, of running out of ink in the middle of the night, and no store was open and they charge so much money! I think your idea is brilliant and although I am a big fan of the sharks, I think they will come to regret not helping you out. I hope you find an investor soon so you can maintain the inventory levels that will come from your success!

  13. Andy, I think it takes great guts to put yourself and your business out there on national television. Someone earlier mentioned your idea is not new, but you know what matters most in business, not who came up with the idea first, but who knew what to do with the idea! I think you were wise to seek out the Sharks, because you know that just the attempt gave you recognition that your current budget couldn't have bought! Good for you, consider me a new customer!

  14. Andy,
    Saw you on SharkTank. Just wanted to say they missed the boat. Your idea is brilliant. Hope to see my printer on your list (Cannon MX310). Will definetly do business with you!

  15. I was impressed with your presentation on Shark Tank. I just placed an order for our printers here at home. If we are satisfied with the product at home we will definitely look at placing orders for the stores. I think the concept for business is excellent for many many reasons. Good Luck and hope you make millions on this concept.

  16. I just viewed your appearance on Shark Tank after receiving the recorded show from my brother (I told the cable companies I was done paying for TV).

    Anyway, I thought it was great idea. Certainly not original, but you had the moxie to follow through with it and to do what Netflix does. Deliver something on a schedule and at a fair price.

    We all have a local video store, but there are many millions of people who don't feel like dealing with a store. One less bother.

    I've seen the Sharks miss a few good opportunities and yours was one of them. Personally, I think it is better for you that they declined. The bald guy (forgot the name) isn't a shark - he's a parahna. He makes offers for controlling interest in just about every offer and I wouldn't want him as a business partner.

    Best of luck! Don't forget to add a note in every order for customers to tell a friend. Offer a discount if they are given as the referral.