It Ain't No Destination

While I told you that the definition of success I've locked onto through many ups and downs in life is:

"A wife who love me, kids who know me and friends who need me..."

I've certainly been guilty of defining success as a destination - i.e. when I get THERE then I'll be successful. After all, that's the American way. Once we ACHIEVE something then we'll be "successful." The problem with that is that we've all achieved many things that we once defined as success - own a home, start a small business, become a manager, write a blog : ) - yet we don't feel successful. We're still waiting for that moment when we can kick up our heels, remove ourselves from the grind and bask in accomplishment.

But that moment doesn't come. We don't arrive - we just grind. Why? Because our measuring stick for success is all wrong. So here's the deal. Want to feel success? Give yourself a new metric to judge against and you can begin to feel successful every single day - heels kicked up, grind in the rear view mirror.

COMING NEXT: A New Measuring Stick

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