Redefining The End

So what would I be wishing I'd spent more time doing when I was laying on my death bed? This question really stuck with me. As I contemplated the end I pictured myself in those last moments. Who would be there? What would they say to me regarding my life? Maybe more importantly, who wouldn't be there? Who had I left behind that would cause me great remorse in my final moments?

While I can't know for sure, what I can do today is re-define the way I want the end to look for me. And re-defining the end means I've got to re-define "success" in my life. After all, the way you define success will define your path, and the path you're on will determine your destination. For example, if you're travelling today and define success over the next 12 hours as getting from Ohio to Florida, your path will be defined as South (hopefully) and thus your destination will be determined by your path. However, if your path is ill-defined (i.e. North) you'll never get to your desired destination and you'll have regrets about the end.

To that end, I've redefined success in my life, which has redefined my path, which will ultimately determine my destination. Here goes...

SUCCESS: A wife who loves me, kids who know me, friends who need me.

COMING NEXT: Success Begins Today

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  1. Well as an artist with a will to not have to work as a starving artist...I have completed over 200 storefronts (murals in ceramic tile) worked as a Pottery at Cyprtess Gardens(Pati's Pottery) and then then last 10 years traveling for Westgate Resorts..Painting murals and staying in the penthouse..All because I thought I could and should.My family thought and quoted I was the crazy Artist..Sorry to say two of them need assistance in nursing homes and I'm looking to buy a HOME for abused women to have stability and a foundation.So Who's the Crazy one? Never feared what others said..They know nothing.You did a good job on SharkTank and I intend to get all my cartridges from you..Must work on the Antebellen home on Havendale in Winter Haven,Fl.Wish me well.