On My Deathbed

A wise friend of mine once said to me, "Andy, when you're laying on your death bed you won't be wishing you'd spent more time in the office." This was said in the context of me launching my 3rd entrepreneurial start-up (this time into the printer ink cartridge business which I knew nothing about and, therefore, took more time to get up to speed) with a wife and two young kids at home craving my attention.

I had a booger in my nose (dedicating myself to building my business while my family fell apart) and, thankfully, someone was bold enough and kind enough to point it out by simply holding up a mirror and inviting me to look at my own life. While discovering a booger-on-display is always embarrassing, it's also a catalyst for change. In this case it caused me to not only change my current priorities but to also re-define the end. What would I be wishing I'd spent more time doing when I was on my death bed? I realized that if I could answer that question NOW I could set my life on a path that ended with no final regrets.

COMING NEXT: Redefining The End - How one booger changed my life


  1. While I enjoy your musings, what has happened to your business since the taping?

  2. I like how you think, Andy. How do I really like to spend my time? And, how do I spend my time. Often there is incongruence, which is disturbing. It is good, tho, to be aware.